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What is Ross House?

A community of small community organisations housed in an historic building in the heart of Melbourne. The building has five stories and a basement car park.

Who can join the Ross House Association?

Membership is only open to organisations which are:

1. community and self-help groups: these are organisations where decisions are made by members. Some of these groups have members who share the same medical or social condition (self-help) or have the same concern (community groups).

2. small groups: with under 570hrs per week of paid staff and needing less than 135m2 of space.

3. groups collaborating for social justice and (or) environmental sustainability.

Individuals and businesses can become Ross House supporters.

How much does it cost to join?

Non profit organisations working towards environmental sustainability and (or) social justice goals can become a member of Ross House for $48.40 per year (including GST). If you are a for-profit group or an individual, you can become a Ross House supporter by making a tax deductible donation.

What does membership involve?

Each member organisation delegates a member to represent itself at Ross House Association general meetings. The Association is managed by a committee elected from these representatives at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in October or November each year. A series of sub-committees deal with specific areas of responsibility. Any members of a Ross House Association member organisation can make a contribution to the management of the Ross House Association through these sub-committees.

There are also ad hoc opportunities to contribute and influence the Ross House Association through member’s consultations and short term task groups.

How do you get an office at Ross House?

All tenants of Ross House have to first be accepted as Ross House members (see who can join above). The activities of your organisation will then be assessed to see if they are appropriate for the building. The layout of the building makes confidentiality very difficult and noisy activities too disruptive.

The first step to becoming a tenant is to make an application for membership and then tenancy. Applications are considered by a sub-committee and then the committee of the Ross House Association. Both applications can be considered at the same time.