Book a meeting room

Ross House also has limited office space available for small organisations working towards the aims of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Ross House is open to tenancy inquiries from small independent not-for-profit groups working towards social justice and (or) environmental sustainability. Because we have limited space, Ross House prioritises groups depending on their size, structure and organisational aims.

Criteria considered during tenancy application includes how the organisation:

  • supports the need to remove disadvantage
  • believes in advocacy, information sharing and co-operative methods
  • is committed to self-help
  • encourages participation in shared decision making
  • supports the aims of Ross House
  • is not for profit, non-government, and not a religious body or political party
  • is small with fewer than 15 full-time staff

The first step to becoming a tenant is to make an application for membership and then tenancy. Applications are considered by a sub-committee and then the Committee of the Ross House Association. Both applications can be considered at the same time.

To discuss your eligibility please contact the Membership and Tenancy Officer at