Book a meeting room

By choosing to use the facilities at Ross House you are supporting the social justice and environment movement in Melbourne.

Groups must have a COVIDSafe plan when using room at Ross House. For more information about COVID requirements please read this > ROSS HOUSE MEETING ROOM DOCUMENT(27TH May 2022)


Anyone can hire a meeting room at Ross House! You will be charged according to whether you are a tenant, a member, a small or large not-for-profit group or a small or large for-profit group or individual.

We have nine meeting rooms available for hire, and a foyer space for after-hours hire only (and by special request only). Meeting rooms seat from 8 to 60 people and all have a whiteboard and access to a kitchen. Some rooms also include additional equipment, such as AV/PA systems, conferencing systems and TV screens. More information in the room descriptions below.


4.1 Hayden Raysmith Room

Capacity: Roundtable 24, Theatre Style 60 (Price Category A+)

3.1 Jenny Florence Room

Capacity: Roundtable 22, Theatre Style 30 (Price Category A+)

0.1 The Rainbow Room

Capacity: Roundtable 16, Theatre Style 30 (Price Category A)

1.1 Meeting Room

Capacity: Roundtable 18 (Price Category B)

2.2 – Meeting Room

Capacity: Roundtable 16 (Price Category B)

2.1 – Esther Harris Room

Capacity: Roundtable 12 (Price Category B)

4.2 – Meeting Room

Capacity: Roundtable 8 (Price Category C)

1.2 – Meeting Room

Capacity: Roundtable 8 (Price Category C)