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Ross House is the only self-managed and community owned not-for-profit building in Australia. Ross House Association champions the values of environmental and social justice. We aim to create an inclusive atmosphere where all those who use the facilities feel welcome and respected.

Meeting room users share this space with 50+ tenants at Ross House. Please be mindful that when you use Ross House facilities you are entering an open plan working environment, where the tenants operate daily.

Responsibilities of meeting room users

  • Ross House is currently staffed from 10:00am to 4:00pm weekdays, with phone lines and emails monitored from 9am-5pm. For after-hours access, groups will need to use the Unique Booking Access Code that has been emailed with their booking confirmation and booking reminder. This 4-digit code is only valid for the duration of your booking.
  • You are not permitted to enter the room before your booking time. The fee charged for meeting rooms incorporates a component that goes towards operational costs including the upkeep of the building, in particular electricity use – the cost of which is considerable for Ross House;
  • The contact person is responsible for ensuring secure access to the Ross House building please do not let anyone into the building who does not belong to your group. The contact person is responsible for all staff, members, volunteers and invitees of the group while using the facilities of Ross House;
  • A 4-Digit access code will allow entry to the (glass) front doors of Ross House, and entry to the meeting room level. Simply enter the 4-digit code into the keypads available. There is no need to enter ‘#’ after the 4-digits. The front doors will remain locked once you are inside;
  • The 4-Digit access code is now also required for access into the meeting room at all times. Simply enter the code into the keypad available. Once the code has been inputted the meeting room door will remain unlocked for one hour;
  • You are welcome to give the 4-digit code to your guests, to make entry easy for them, but please ask them not to let anyone into the building that does not belong to their group. Please note, the code is only valid for the duration of the booking;
  • To exit the building after hours press the large green button next to the doors;
  • Do not allow entry to the building to anyone not known to your group
  • The fire doors which give you access to each level are NOT to be propped open after hours as this is a fire and security risk for all facility users;
  • Tables and chairs are NOT to be removed from the meeting rooms as it is a safety hazard for those with vision impairment. If you do remove tables and chairs you may be charged a housekeeping fee.


 Vacating the premises

  • Set up and packing down times must be included in the booking times. Rooms should be cleaned and vacated by the scheduled end time. Please do not leave rubbish in the rooms, and please wipe tables down if needed – paper towels are provided in each of the kitchens;
  • Please switch off the lights in the meeting rooms and all the main lights (located near the level’s exit door) if you are the last to leave the floor.


Fire, Building and Security

  • Fire exits are located at the front and rear of each floor;
  • Exits and corridors should be kept clear at all times in case of an emergency;
  • Please check the fire procedure notice next to the lift entrance of each floor;
  • For building and security emergencies, please call Black and White Security on 1300 887 013 24 or (03) 8080 5770 (control room).



Our offices and meeting rooms are easily accessible through the main lift at the lower ground entrance off Flinders Lane. All floor entry doors are automated. Accessible toilets are located at the back of each floor, with additional ones on levels 1-4 near the kitchens. Two dedicated accessible car parks are located in front of Ross House on Flinders Lane (must display a valid permit), and an accessible car park can be booked (at cost) in our basement. For any accessibility questions, please contact us


General housekeeping

  • No rubbish is to be left inside the rooms or signage stuck to walls, doors or any other surface. Please deposit rubbish in appropriate bins which are located in the kitchens. Please note, if it is not recyclable, DO NOT put it in recycle bin;
  • All chairs and tables used must be cleaned and returned to their original positions – preferably in a roundtable layout. Do not leave tables piled on top of each other or outside of rooms;
  • All areas, including toilets and kitchens, are to be left in a clean state;
  • Ross House staff must be informed of any spillage on carpeted areas;
  • No smoking is permitted inside Ross House;
  • The sale of liquor is not permitted;
  • Any electrical appliances e.g. portable urns, must be switched off;
  • Lights need to be switched off (and if you are the last to leave the floor, turn the main lights off near the exit doors);
  • Clean the whiteboard and please return borrowed items.


Kitchen facilities

  • Ross House kitchens are communal facilities: Cleaning of the kitchen is to be done by its users as no cleaning staff is hired for this purpose;
  • Counter-tops are to be wiped down after use – there are paper towels available in each kitchen;
  • Dispose of waste conscientiously: take the time to separate your paper, plastic and organic rubbish and put in the appropriate coloured bins – see signs for guidance;
  • The microwave is to be wipe-down after each use;
  • Facility users are encouraged to limit the use of Styrofoam dishware and cups and plastic cutlery.
  • Facility users can hire dishware hampers (at no charge) for meetings held during office hours Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:45pm. Tenants can hire dishware hampers (at no charge) for overnight use, upon request. Dishware hampers are available from the Front Desk. Please contact Front Desk on 9650 1599 / PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO COVID-19, WE CANNOT LEND THE HAMPERS OUT AT PRESENT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.


Penalty Fees

If the facility user does not comply with housekeeping requirements, they will be liable for the following fees:

  • Housekeeping fee for a large meeting room is: $40.00 plus GST
  • Housekeeping fee for small meeting rooms is: $15.00 plus GST
  • Housekeeping fee for any other area is: $10 plus GST



Catering may be served during your meeting. Whilst RHA cannot arrange the catering for you, we love and can highly recommend: The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, STREAT, Dukes Coffee Roasters, Seedling Cafe, and  Invita Living Food (vegan).




Ross House Tenants and Members

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of the month following your booking. Payment can be made via cheque, money order or by direct deposit. We do not accept cash payments in person; if you wish to pay cash, please visit your nearest Bendigo Bank to make a deposit. Bank details will be included with your invoice.

Payment terms for RHA invoices are 14 days from the date of invoice. A late payment fee of $15 + GST may be applied if you have not paid an invoice by the due date. A $15 + GST late payment fee will be applied to each month an invoice is overdue.


All other Facility Users (NON member/tenant facility users)

You will be required to pay for your booking* upfront at the time of booking. You can do this online via Paypal.


*Recurring bookings (for NON member/tenant facility users only)

If your bookings are regular recurring bookings, you will need to pay for these bookings in monthly instalment blocks:

  • The first month of bookings will need to be paid upfront, at the time of booking;
  • The subsequent monthly blocks of bookings will be invoiced. An invoice will be emailed to you, each month;
  • Payment terms are strictly 14 days, from the date of invoice;
  • Failure to pay instalments by the due date, will result in all remaining bookings to be cancelled.


Cancellation policy for ALL Facility Users

At least 48-hours notice (2 working/business days) is required for cancellation of room bookings, otherwise 50% of the hire price will be charged. If no notification is given before the date of the meeting, the full price will be charged regardless of whether the room was used or not.

Cancellations, with more than 48-hours notice (2 working/business days), can be made by you, via your online user account. For cancellations with less than 48-hours notice, you will need to contact Ross House directly via email to advise of the cancellation.


Please visit our FAQ page for further information.