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Ross House is unique in that it is the only truly self-managed and community owned not-for-profit building in Australia.

Ross House provides affordable and accessible office space, resources, meeting spaces, networks and shared experiences to small not-for-profit groups working towards environmental and social justice. Ross House operates as a not-for-profit and is self-managed by its members, through the Ross House Association; the community organisations that control this asset, represent some of the most marginalised people in Australia.

Ross House provides affordable and central access to office space (below market rates), resources and meeting rooms, as well as networks and shared experiences, allowing organisations to realise their full potential. These services are offered to self-help and small community groups committed to social justice and environmental sustainablility.

By providing a stable environment and affordable resources, Ross House aims to reduce the insecurities and financial pressures that so often hamper the activities of small community organisations.

Affordable meeting room hire and other resources are available to anyone who might like to use them.

The Association

Ross House is managed by its members through the Ross House Association. The Association’s role is to maintain the building, develop the resources available and to encourage the development of the community within the building. All tenants are required to be members of the Association and many other users of the building’s resources are also members.

All members of Ross House Association are small community and self-help groups who collaborate towards a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. They wish to achieve social change through advocacy, campaigning, community education and the provision of resources and information.

To read our Constitution, visit our publications page.