About Aussie Hands Foundation

Aussie Hands Foundation

The Aussie Hands Foundation Inc is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation of parents, carers, associated professionals and other interested people. We provide support, understanding and encouragement to individuals with a hand difference.

Each year Aussie Hands:

  • Hosts social gatherings and organises programs to help reduce the isolation experienced by children, their parents and families. These activities enable members to build supportive relationships and self-confidence
  • Provides a forum where parents can ask questions, receive support and gain a sense of hope about their child’s future
  • Offers up-to-date information about prosthetics, aids and counselling services
  • Supports families making difficult decisions about surgical procedures
  • Raises awareness about hand differences within the community and to support research initiatives focusing on upper limb deficiencies and hand differences

Phone: 03 9044 2106

Email: info@aussiehands.org

Website: http://www.aussiehands.org