ABRISA Brazilian Association

Room:  2.4

Tenant Phone: 03 9650 0538

Email: contactus@abrisa.org.au

Website: http://www.abrisa.org.au

What we do:

  • Provide information related to the needs of the newly arrived immigrant, minimising the shock of social, cultural and economic transition
  • Encourage and support the socio-cultural integration of Brazilian and Portuguese speaking people into Australian society
  • Promote Brazilian cultural values, by stimulating community integration through social events
  • Promote the health and well-being of the Brazilian and Portuguese speaking communities by providing resources to prevent health problems.
  • Work on several projects addressing key areas, such as information, health and education

Preferred Access: Drop in to the office or email  

Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday (10-1pm)                                                                                     Friday (10-2pm)

Membership Cost: $10 to $100

Is there a charge for services? No

Accepts volunteers? Yes

Accepts donations? Yes (donations over $2 are tax deductible)

  • Room 2.4.2