About us

Room:  1.11

Tenant Phone: 03 9650 2722

Email: amida@amida.org.au

Website: http://www.amida.org.au

What we do

  • Disability Advocacy for individuals, groups, self-advocacy support and systemic advocacy.
  • We focus on the area of housing.
  • Our area of expertise is Intellectual disability.

Preferred Access: Appointment or referral via phone or email

Opening Hours: Mon & Tue (9.30am to 5pm) Wed to Friday (9.30am- 2.30pm)

Membership Cost: None

Is there a charge for services? No

Accepts volunteers? Yes

Accepts donations? Yes (donations over $2 are tax deductible)

  • Room 1.7, 1.9a, 1.11 & 1.13.1