About Animal Law Institute

Animal Law Institute

Animal Law Institute

About us

Room: G.12

Email: info@ali.org.au

Website: https://www.ali.org.au/

What we do:

The Animal Law Institute is a non profit that is dedicated to protecting animals and advocating for their interests through the Australian legal system. We aim to empower animal advocates and challenge the way our laws treat animals by:

  • giving free legal advice;
  • representing animals and their advocates in court;
  • lobbying for compassionate laws; and
  • providing legal education.

Preferred Access: Requests for legal assistance must be submitted via the ALI website.

Opening Hours: 9.00am – 5.30pm

Accepts volunteers? Yes – https://www.ali.org.au/careers

Accepts donations? Yes – https://www.ali.org.au/donate

  • Room G.12.G