About Australia China Friendship Society

Australia China Friendship Society

About us

Room:  4.2

Tenant Phone: 03 9654 8099

Email: acfs.vic@gmail.com

Website: http://www.acfsvic.org

What we do

  • Promote friendship between the people of China and Australia, also hosts delegations from China.
  • Political/cultural talks about China – tours of Melbourne for Chinese tourists.
  • Nationally run tours to China.

Preferred Access                              Email or Facebook

Opening Hours                                  Varies

Membership Cost:                            $15 to $50

Is there a charge for services?      $0

Accepts volunteers?                        Yes

Accepts donations?                          Yes, however please note donations are                                                                     none tax deductible

Facebook link:                                   www.facebook.com/ACFSLtd/

  • Room 4.2.4